International Night

AIS' International Night is an event that happens every year that allows for student organizations to share their culture through the fashion show or performing on stage. Since the event started years ago, there has been everything from dancing to theatrical productions. This past year, we also had a childrens' group perform the Korean fan dance and a local group perform a Hawaiian Hula dance. 

Traditional food was served during the intermission and performances were judged by TU faculty. 

Soccer Tournament

Sports are something that can connect many people from different cultures and soccer (or football) is one of the best examples of this. Again, every year, AIS hosts a soccer tournament, inviting not only multicultural student organizations but anyone who is interested to participate or enter a team in order to play against other students on campus. Teams from fraternities, different countries, graduate and undergraduate students, from many different backgrounds played against each other in 2015's AIS Soccer Tournament.

ais town hall

With AIS' presence increasing each year, so has interest in being part of its executive board. In 2015, we hosted the first AIS Town Hall, inviting candidates of every position to speak in an open-forum style of debate to gain the support of their voters. The event drew in a crowd of not only international students but also the executive members of TU's Student Association and many others.