International Bazaar 2015

This past Fall, we had our Annual AIS International Bazaar. For the first time ever, the 2015 International Bazaar incorporated a theme for the event videos and experience, which was commercial air travel.

Participation from student association

International Bazaar gives multicultural organizations a venue to share with everyone their culture. Everything from food to fashion, cultural items to architecture is displayed proudly at the booths for everyone to admire and appreciate. This year also had the Student Association Multicultural Affairs department participating in the form of a United States booth.

Pictured is Student Association Advisor Gary Brown with Multicultural Department members Abdel Traore and Tom Li.





International Bazaar is one of the largest events that AIS holds every year drawing in crowds of over 500 students.

awards were given to the best booth

A tradition was also started in the 2015 event is an award that is given to the best booth. Every single attendee was given a ticket with a sticker that allowed them to vote for the best booth. Guests were recommended to judge booths on design, food and etc. This year the award was given to the Malaysian Student Association.

Pictured is Student Association Advisor David Kobel and Malaysian Student Association President Reeza Rosnan.