Be Part of The next chapter.

As part of our next chapter, we are expanding our administration beyond elected officers. With the establishment of new departments, we are giving opportunities for our members and students to lead and serve at the finest organization on campus. It’s the diversity and ideas of our students that drives the innovation that runs through everything we do, from extraordinary events to leading environmental and philanthropic efforts.  Join AIS and leave our campus better than we found it. 

We are excited that you're interested in applying for a position in one of our departments. Click the button below to go to the application. We've included some descriptions of each of the departments to give you a quick summary of what you're up for.


Writers and social media specialist! Have you ever feel the need to write awesome captions or articles about an event but you just don't have the reason to do it? Now you do! AIS needs your skills to produce attention-grabbing flyers, Facebook-resharing, glorious- articles and the Department of Marketing and Communications is the place to do so. Share your creativity through flawless articles and colorful flyers to promote AIS's unique events.



AIS' Philanthropy and Service department is how we give back to our community. This department is responsible for creating events to raise awareness of current issues along with keeping track of current service opportunities for students to participate it. It is also responsible for the Kendall Whittier Culture Exchange program where the International students organizations come together to introduce its country and culture through interesting activities for the children.


DEPARTMENT OF Photography and videography

Do you love photography? Join this department and help us capture each and every memorable moment through your creativity. Join us to direct and create promotional or event videos, take photos during events and short videos to raise awareness about various pressing issues. Join us to express your creativity! 



FOODIES UNITE! Are you tired of seeing pizza at every single event? This is your opportunity to be the hero to all your pizza-hating friends. AIS always tries to have something new at their events in terms of food. Join the Department of Culinary Services to bring the best of Tulsa's cuisines to the students at TU.  





Our vertical display which we've nicknamed the Monolith and our iPad Stands are a sign to everyone at an event that AIS is there to be awesome. Join this department if you're interested in developing one-of-a-kind technology solutions for AIS. You don't have to be an engineer or even an ENS major, all you need is a love for problem solving and imagination to create.


DEPARTMENT OF environmental policy

Our Environmental Policy Department is determined to bring awareness and action to TU's campus regarding pressing environmental concerns. Project Earth is focused on encouraging recycling, while other events such as "Under the Stars", celebrates Earth Day, with many campus buildings, turning their lights odd for an hour. 

Applications due Tuesday, September 6 at noon. Only Students of the University of Tulsa are eligible to apply.

              For inquiries please contact Sophie Htet Htet Aye at