Article I Name

The name of this organization shall be the Association of International Students (AIS)

Article II Purpose

The purposes of AIS are:

to provide activities and programs for international students and the university community at large which will contribute to their cultural, academic and social development, and

to help promote a spirit of cooperation and friendship among international students and between international students and the rest of the campus community.

Article III Membership

All international students at the University of Tulsa shall be considered active members of AIS. As such they may participate in any and all of the association's activities and events. There are no membership dues assessed for such members.

Those in the university community who show interest in AIS and its ideals shall be deemed associate members. Such individuals will possess all the rights and privileges of active members, with the exception of the right to run for office and the right to vote for officers. Voting and office privileges will be limited to international students (based on The University of Tulsa's definition of an international student). The exception to this rule will be the International-Domestic Liaison position. This shall be open to either domestic or international members of AIS.

Article IV Officers

Officers of AIS shall be:  President, Vice-President, Secretaries, Treasurer, Coordinator, Social and Cultural Coordinator, Sports Coordinator, Event Coordinator, and International-Domestic Liaison

The duties of each officer are as follows: 

President - Presides over all meetings and provides general direction for AIS. President will also delegate duties to appropriate members of AIS as necessary.

Vice-President - Assists and advises president on all matters, carrying out duties of president when president is absent.

Article V Meetings

The president of AIS will hold regularly scheduled meetings, such meetings occurring at least once every month. All officers will be expected to attend and actively participate in such meetings, and all meetings will be open to the general membership of AIS.

Meetings will be held in the ISS offices, and a separate space will be allocated for AIS to use for maintaining files, etc.

A representative of the International Students Services office will serve as advisor to AIS. It will be the advisor's duty to attend meetings, advise as necessary, co-sign documents and requisitions when needed, and provide other logistical support when the need occurs.

Article VI Elections

Each officer will be elected for a one-year term, each term consisting of a regular academic year.

Elections for the following year will be held every April, such dates set by the membership. Any enrolled international student is eligible to run for any office. Students wishing to run for office must complete an application designed for this purpose prior to the deadline for applying. No write-in nominations will be accepted.

Elections will be conducted by secret ballot and the results counted and verified by a second count. Results of the election will be announced the Monday following the elections. In the event that vacancies exist among office positions, the President will appoint individuals to fill such positions with the approval of the other officers.

Reporting Requirements

At the beginning of each school year a designated officer will file an updated SAB registration form and submit it to SA. Any subsequent changes in officers will be reported on a timely basis to SA.