the AIS Team

Aiken Sujana


Aiken is studying biochemistry with a minor in economics. He previously served as Vice President of AIS and President of the Indonesian Student Association--the first and second place recipients of 2016 TU's Finest Organization Awards respectively. He is also the current Associate Director of graphics at the Student Association. He is from Jakarta, Indonesia.

What is your favorite movie? "Up in the Air. I watched it 4 times!"


Maria Ahumada


Maria is studying Petroleum Engineering and is the current Vice President of the Latin American Student Association. She is from Barranquilla, Colombia.

What is your favorite food from your country? "My favorite food is AREPA! Probably you've heard about of the most popular of Colombian foods! It's made of corn flour, some salt and sugar. They are topped with anything you like, but I love eating it with Colombian cheese!"


Vandit Trivedi


Vandit is currently a sophomore studying Petroleum Engineering (with Geosciences Option.) He is part of the Society of Petroleum Engineers as its Social and Membership Chair, secretary in the Mathematical Association of America and Treasurer in the Indian Student Association. He was also Secretary last year for AIS. He was born in India, is an Australian citizen and currently resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

What is your hobby or interest? "Following cricket brings a palpable joy. How can you get enough of MS Dhoni's six off Clint McKay at the Adelaide Oval in 2012, or Ashish Nehra's 6/23 against England at Durban in the 2003 World Cup?"

Nadima Vafoeva


Nadima is currently studying Accounting. She is also an Associate Director in Student Association's Department of Finance along with being an Orientation Leader. She is from Tajikistan, Dushanbe.

What is your favorite movie? "My favorite movie is Me Before You. It's been my favorite book as well!"

rizka Aprilia


Rizka is a sophomore Petroleum Engineering student. She is also the current Vice President for the Indonesian Student Association. She's from Bandung, Indonesia but also calls Anchorage, Alaska her home. 

Who is your Celebrity Crush? "Coldplay. and I feel like this is really obvious. Fun fact, all members of coldplay are also my celebrity crush. Another fun fact, I learned how to play most of Coldplay songs (on the piano) in less than one hour."

Shenjie Wu


Shenjie is an Apartment Community Assistant for TU's Housing Department. He is currently studying Chemical Engineering. He is from China.

What is your favorite travel destination? "Alaska."

Sarah Azami

event coordinator

She is currently studying Marketing with a minor in Art. She is also in the Malaysian Student Association. She is from Malaysia.

Who is your celebrity crush? "DAVE FREAKING FRANCO *insert multiple heart eye emoji*"

Linh Phan


Linh is majoring in Accounting and Finance with a minor in Psychology. This past year, she was the Associate Director for Student Association's Multicultural Department. She is from Vietnam.

What is your favorite food from home? "Thịt chó. In other words, dog meat. With dry special shrimp sauce. Second one is goat meat, with another very special sauce too."

Abdalla Al-Battashi

chair of the department of media

Abdalla is studying Petroleum Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. He plays a role in the Omani Student Association. He is from Oman.

Where is your favorite travel destination? "Oman."

Mohamad Syazwan Mohamed Zafarulla

CHAIR OF THE DEPARTMENT OF philanthropy, service and environmental

Syazwan is a Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in SR. Feel free to ask him what that is, great conversation starter right? He plays a role in the Malaysian Student Association. He is from Georgetown, Malaysia.

What is your favorite movie? "My favorite movie is Harry Potter. Once a potterhead, always a potterhead!"

Lan Le

CHAIR OF THE DEPARTMENT OF culinary services

A self proclaimed foodie, Lan is studying Finance and Accounting. She is part of Beta Alpha Psi and is an Associate Director in Student Association's Multicultural Department. When she is not scaring all of her friends with her couch-surfing, hitch-hiking vacations from the West Coast to New Mexico, she enjoys traveling safely, probably. She is from Vung Tau, Vietnam.

Where is your favorite travel destination? "The world. If I can, I want to go to every single place!! And though I can only answer 1 but I have to say this: BIGBANG IS THE CRUSH/LOVE OF MY LIF."

Luke Lau

CHAIR OF THE DEPARTMENT OF innovation and engineering

Hey all, I'm Luke. I was the person in charge of making this page. I wonder how many people will scroll all the way down to actually read this. I'm a Petroleum Engineering major with the Chemical Engineering option. I've been the Residence Assistant for LaFortune Hall for the past two years and I'm on my third. I'm also the Financial Allocations Chair for Student Association. I was born in Hong Kong but I moved to California when I was 3. 

What is your hobby or interest? "I love cars. Taking pictures of them. Buying Hot Wheels. Just everything about them."