The AIS Administration


David Kobel


Mr. Kobel is the Assistant Dean of ISS and the Advisor for AIS. He’s from El Dorado, Kansas. Besides being the Advisor of AIS, he’s also the Advisor for the Angolan Student Association, the Indonesian Student Association, the Kazakh Student Association, and the Malaysian Student Association. He became interested in the field of international education after he studied abroad in college in Costa Rica. He started out as an ESL instructor 15 years ago and he has continued working with international students since then. He thinks that travelling the world is a mind-opening experience, but so is working with international students from over 70 different countries! He feels very fortunate to have this opportunity.

What is your favorite travel destination? "Wow, I have a lot of these. Cusco, Peru and nearby Machu Picchu are the most breathtaking places I've ever visited. Every time I go to Medellin, Colombia, I feel like I could live there. In the U.S., I like to visit Austin, Texas and the surrounding area (for the music scene and the breakfast tacos) and Northern New Mexico (for the scenery and the green chile)."

Executive Office


Evan Chee Yang Ng


Evan C.Y. Ng is a Petroleum Engineering major and Mathematics and Economics minor from Selangor, Malaysia. He’s an amazing juggler (has great chances of winning Olympic gold medal), loves photography, and enjoys hiking and travelling. Every semester you will find Evan exploring some wonderful creations in the world. Apart from presidential activities in AIS, Evan is involved with Malaysian Student Association, American Cancer Society of TU, and he is the Treasurer for Society of Petroleum Engineers. Evan is multilingual, he speaks five languages fluently and would wish to be 20 forever.

What’s the most memorable place you ever visited? “Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal. It's a famous trekking route in Nepal, I love that place because it's where I saw snow-cap mountains up close for the first time in my life. And I also did a 5 days and 4 nights trek up to a snow-cap mountain all by myself. It’s an amazing adventure! And I became addicted to hiking/exploring national parks after that.”


Ottilia Master

Vice president

Ottilia Saada Master Shanghvi is a Chemical engineering major from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. She lived in Oman for over 6 years and she’s from an Indian ancestry. Apart from AIS leadership, she is involved with SA-International Student Relations as an Associate Director, African Student Association as an Associate Treasurer and Associate at TU Annual Fund. She enjoys taking naps, watching Netflix and listening to all kind of new and old albums. Ottilia has been to over 9 countries and she would love to live in the Disney fantasy world.

What’s the most memorable place you ever visited? “Ngorongoro Crater. It’s a world heritage site and the world’s largest inactive volcanic caldera located in Tanzania, it is also among the seven natural wonders of Africa. We drove to all around the caldera and saw maasai men pastoraling their livestocks right next to the lions, rhinoceros, elephants, leopards without fear. It was a great experience and I would never resist going AGAIN...


Danish Zuhaidi


Danish Zuhaidi is a Petroleum Engineering major and minor in Mathematics and Economics from Selangor, Malaysia. Apart from serving AIS with his great heart, Danish is also a member of Malaysian Student Association. He enjoys travelling around the world, listening to music and he is also a big fan of soccer. His highest score in bowling is the greatest, it’s about 263. Danish permanently wishes to be 30, and if he could turn any activity into an Olympic sport it would be cuddling.

What’s your favorite song? “Yellow by Coldplay!!”


Daniela Seczon


Daniela Seczon is a Biochemistry major and minor in Bioinformatics and Biology from Bogotá, Colombia. Other than AIS, she is the President of LASA (Latin America Student Association). When she isn’t busy writing AIS notes you will find her reading, watching Netflix, or going out for ice cream. If Daniela could turn “laughing uncontrollably without a reason” into an Olympic sport she would have great chance to win a gold medal. She is pretty good at cooking scrambled eggs by using a

What’s the most memorable place you ever visited?  “Definitely the Amazon rainforest; we need to help protect the diversity on earth!”


Y Quan


Y Quan is a Biochemistry major from Viet Nam. Apart from running treasury for AIS, she is also an Executive in Alpha Phi Omega. If you won’t find Y bookkeeping for AIS, on her spare time you will definitely find her watching Cowboy Bebop. She is so good at “laughing at her own jokes”, and if she could turn that to an Olympic sport she has greater chances at winning a medal. Y wishes to forever be 60 years old, as to get all the senior discounts. Although her name is Y, it’s pronounced as E.

If you would dis-invent one thing, what would it be? “Un-invent those individual toe shoes and crocs”


I Gusti Ayu Inten Wulandari

event Coordinator chairwoman

I Gusti Ayu Inten Wulandari is a Biochemistry major from Indonesia. Aside from AIS, Inten is also involved with Indonesian Student Association Tulsa.  Apart from coordinating spectacular AIS events, Inten enjoys watching movies. She would most like to live in Zootopia for as long as she can. If inten could turn napping into an Olympic sport, she would probably have gotten all the medals for it.

What was your childhood nickname? “DORA”


Jayoung Ryu

Event Coordinator

Jayoung Ryu is a nursing major from South Korea. Jayoung enjoys listening to music, and her favorite thing about AIS is the amazing food AIS prepares for its events. She permanently wishes to be “Forever 21” in order to get all the teenage benefits.

What’s the most memorable place you ever visited? “Cancun”   

Department of Philanthropy and Community services


Nam Vo Phuong Tran

director of philanthropy and Community services

Nam Tran is a Petroleum Engineering major and minor in Mathematics from Vietnam. He loves every different kind of sport, enjoys travelling, and listening to music. He also enjoys watching horror movies to the extent that he would most like to live in any horror movie universe. Nam has a master degree in playing pool and his favorite thing about AIS is the wonderful team and the food.

What’s your favorite Marvel or Disney movie? “WAKANDA FOREVER”





Sophia Meneely

Community service specialist

Sophia Meneely is a Russian Chinese Studies major. She is a Russian, who was brought up in United States. Other than AIS she is involved with CKI (Circle K), University Ambassador, Delta Gamma sorority and Global Scholars. Sophia enjoys making sound effects on her spare time. Her favorite thing about AIS are the people in the organization. Sophia is a professional at balancing on one leg and would definitely win Olympic medals for that.

If you would dis-invent one thing, what would it be? “I would dis-invent cars- walking is better. Or horseback”


Ashley Tran

Community service specialist

Ashley Tran is a Chemical Engineering major from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is a Vietnamese, raised in United States. Her hobby is getting destroyed in physics, and she is pretty good at pool. Her favorite thing about AIS, is the food AIS caters. She would most likely live in the horror, thriller universe of Harry Potter. Ashley is first class procrastinator that she will definitely be awarded a gold medal for it.

What’s your favorite part of waking up? “Going back to sleep!”

department of Environmental awareness


Joao Matheus Andreucci da Silva

environmentAL awareness POLICY specialist

Joao Matheus Andreucci da Silva is Engineering Physics major and minor in Mathematics from Brazil. He enjoys watching Netflix, studying, and he has a master mind for Cubing (Rubik’s Cube). He’s among the few people that spend most of their time in the “Physics Room”. He doesn’t only work hard and support AIS only, he’s also a very helpful member in Society of Physics Students. He would love to live in the Middle East or the Star war universe. Joao doesn’t have an age he would permanently want to be; he enjoys life just the way it is.

If you had the world’s attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?  “I would say that Jesus loves us and he is the best friend we can have.”

Department of marketing and communication 


Muhammad Alif Haidar

director of marketing and communication 

Muhammad Alif Haider is a Petroleum Engineering major and minor in Mathematics and Economics. Alif is from the country with the largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia. Other than AIS, he is also a member of ISATU (Indonesian Student Association Tulsa).  If you won’t find Alif designing outstanding posters on campus, you will find him playing Roblox. Alif is a professional procrastinator and would surely win Olympic platinum medal for procrastinating. He enjoys being 19 and wishes to never age.

What’s the most memorable place you ever visited? "The most memorable place I've visited was Switzerland. I like the clean landscapes and the fresh air near the alps. Riding on the train that has the glass roof was the highlight of the trip.”


Julia Parackal


Julia Parackal is a Biology major with minor in Psychology. Julia is from India, but has been brought up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Apart from being AIS’s devoted writer, she is also involved with University Ambassador, Alpha Epsilon Delta and Alpha Phi Omega. She enjoys reading and if she could turn it into an Olympic sport, she would definitely get all the century awards. Her favorite thing about AIS are the spectacular event AIS holds every semester.

What’s your Favorite Marvel or Disney movie? “My favorite Disney movie is The Lion King! If I get the chance to visit New York City, I want to see The Lion King on Broadway. The unique puppets and intricate masks are stunning as is the acting. I am very excited to see how the live-action re-make's take on the story of The Lion King.”

Department of event logistic 


Rayan Albinhassan

director of event logistic

Rayan AlbinHassan is Petroleum Engineering major from Saudi Arabia.  Aside AIS, he is an Executive for Muslim Student Association(MSA). Rayan is a great fan of soccer. His favorite thing about AIS are the meetings. If he could turn “Staring Contest” into an Olympic sport, he would surely earn all the medals. He would enjoy to live in Minecraft Universe and wishes to forever be 28 years old. Rayan admires Prophet Mohammed, and believes in the power of people.

If you would dis-invent one thing, what would it be? “The American Football.”


Irene Baljak

catering specialist 

Irene Baljak is a Chemistry Pre-Med major and minor in Bioinformatics from Milan, Italy. Apart from catering the most delicious food for AIS events, you will find her taking pretty pictures for Instagram. Irene is also involved with Alpha Epsilon Delta Honor Society (AED) and she is also a member of the Housing Staff at TU. Her favorite thing about our organization, is when AIS gets free food from Himalayans. Interesting fact about Irene is that she does research in the Iski lab, she uses a microscope that lets her see atoms!

If you would dis-invent one thing, what would it be? “The Atomic bomb... Half of the problems in the world would be gone in a second”


Shenjie Wu


Shenjie Wu is a Chemical Engineering major from China. Shenjie likes cooking, enjoys munching of varieties of goodies and loves photography and exposure. His favorite thing about AIS is the good food AIS prepares for its events. If Shenjie could turn any activity to an Olympic sport to win a medal, it would definitely be “cooking and eating his own new recipes”. He would most like to live in Before Sunset universe and could wish to Forever be 21. Interesting fact about Shenjie is that he always cooks some new recipes and let people try them. It turns out people like them.

What’s your favorite Marvel or Disney movie? “They are the same company, what’s the                  difference.”


The 2018-2019 AIS Administration