The AIS Administration


David Kobel


Mr. Kobel is the assistant dean of ISS and the advisor for AIS. He’s from El Dorado, Kansas. Besides being the advisor of AIS, he’s also the advisor for the Angolan Student Association, the Indonesian Student Association, the Kazakh Student Association, and the Malaysian Student Association. He became interested in the field of international education after he studied abroad in college in Costa Rica. He started out as an ESL instructor 15 years ago and He has continued working with international students since then. He thinks that traveling the world is a mind-opening experience, but so is working with international students from over 70 different countries! He feels very fortunate to have this opportunity.

What is your favorite travel destination? "Wow, I have a lot of these. Cusco, Peru and nearby Machu Picchu are the most breathtaking places I've ever visited. Every time I go to Medellin, Colombia, I feel like I could live there. In the U.S., I like to visit Austin, Texas and the surrounding area (for the music scene and the breakfast tacos) and Northern New Mexico (for the scenery and the green chile)."

Executive Office


Aiken Sujana


Aiken is a Biochemistry major with an Economics minor from Jakarta, Indonesia. He previously served as Vice President of AIS and President of the Indonesian Student Association (ISATU)the first and second place recipients of 2016 TU's Finest Organization Awards respectively. Other than being the current President of AIS, he’s also an Associate Director of graphics in SA. Aiken loves doing design work. He is responsible for all the graphics, marketing and branding aspects of AIS and ISATU since last year! Aside from that, he is a huge aviation nerd and is also passionate about the environment.  John F. Kennedy has been his long time presidential role model. Fun fact: He can even recite many of his famous quotes. Please don't talk to him about airplanes or JFK. He won't stop talking.

What is your favorite movie? "The Aviator. It has airplanes, Leo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett and  Martin Scorsese. What more can you ask from a movie? I watched it 4 times!"


Maria Fernanda Ahumada


Maria is a Petroleum Engineering major from Barranquilla, Colombia. Besides holding the title as AIS Vice President, Maria also holds a title as Vice President in LASA, or Latin American Student Association.

What is your favorite food from your country? "My favorite food is AREPA! Probably you've heard about of the most popular of Colombian foods! It's made of corn flour, some salt and sugar. They are topped with anything you like, but I love eating it with Colombian cheese!"


Vandit Trivedi


Vandit is a Petroleum Engineering (with Geosciences option) and Mathematics double major. Besides AIS, Vandit is also active in other organizations, such as, Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Chapter (Social and Membership Chair), Mathematical Association of America Student Chapter (Secretary), and Indian Student Association (Treasurer). Vandit was born in India, is a citizen of Australia and currently resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

What is your hobby or interest? "Following cricket brings a palpable joy. How can you get enough of MS Dhoni's six off Clint McKay at the Adelaide Oval in 2012, or Ashish Nehra's 6/23 against England at Durban in the 2003 World Cup?"


Rizka Aprilia

Chief of Staff

Rizka is a Petroleum Engineering major. She was born and raised in Bandung, Indonesia, but she also calls Anchorage, Alaska home as she used to live there for 4 years. Other than AIS, she is also a board member of the Indonesian Students Association of University of Tulsa (ISATU). A fun fact about her is that she has learned many Coldplay songs on the piano for less than an hour!

What is your favorite artist/musician/band? "COLDPLAY! isn't it obvious? Not only that they're my favorite band, all 4 members of Coldplay (Chris, Guy, Jonny, and Will) are also my celebrity crush(es)! My favorite song by them is The Scientist just because that was the first Coldplay song I ever listened to."


Syazwan Zafarulla


Syazwan is a Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in SR from Georgetown, Malaysia. What SR you ask? We don’t know. Ask him that, I think it would be a great conversation starter. Aside from AIS, he’s also a member of the Malaysian Students Association.

What is your favorite movie? "My favorite movie is Harry Potter. Once a potterhead, always a potterhead!"


Shenjie Wu


Shenjie is a Chemical Engineering student from China. Besides being the Secretary and the Juice Station Head Department in AIS, he is also an Apartment Community Assistant for TU’s Housing Department.

What is your favorite travel destination? "Alaska."


Nadima Vafoeva


Nadima is an Accounting major from Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Besides AIS, she’s an Orientation Leader and is an Associate Director of Finance in SA.

What is your favorite movie? "My favorite movie is Me Before You. It's been my favorite book as well!"


Sarah Azami

Event Coordinator

Sarah is a Marketing major and an Art minor from Malaysia. Other than being involved in AIS, she is also a member of the Malaysian Students Association.

Who is your celebrity crush? "DAVE FREAKING FRANCO *insert multiple heart eye emoji*"


Linh Phan

Event Coordinator

Linh is an Accounting and Finance double major with a minor in Psychology. She came all the way from Vietnam. 

What is your favorite food from home? "Lychee."


Lan Le

Culinary service specialist

Lan, a self proclaimed foodie, is a Finance and Accounting double major from Vung Tau, Vietnam. Aside from AIS, she is also an Associate Director in Student Association's Multicultural Department. When she is not scaring all of her friends with her couch-surfing, hitch-hiking vacations from the West Coast to New Mexico, she enjoys traveling safely, probably.

What is your favorite travel destination? "The world. If I can, I want to go to every single place!! And though I can only answer 1 but I have to say this: BIGBANG IS THE CRUSH/LOVE OF MY LIFE"

Department of Philanthropy and service


Sophie Htet Htet Aye


Sophie is a Chemical Engineering major from Yangon, Myanmar. She can speak 3 languages fluently! They are Burmese (Myanmar Language), English and Mandarin Chinese.

What is your favorite travel destination? "Bali, Indonesia! Bali has an amazing view and various activities that we can do and several attractions we can explore. Although I chose one, I feel so guilty for not choosing one of the other seven countries that I have visited because all of them are amazing. I personally love traveling and exploring around the world. Every single country has its own uniqueness and culture so I am willing to explore them!"


Sarah Ghazi-Moradi


Sarah is a Business and Law major with a minor in Economics. She is so smart that she is in both the Honor’s College and Honor’s Students Association. She has traveled to 6 different continents and she loves visiting new places and learning new languages! She is allergic to literally all foods, so all she can ever eat are potatoes and peaches. She likes to dream of a day where she can eat peanut butter.

Who is your celebrity crush? "Leonardo DiCaprio is my all-time celebrity love. I wouldn't call him a crush because I know the feeling is mutual."


Diego Espinosa Valdez


Diego is a Biology Pre-Med major from Monterrey, Mexico. Besides being involved in AIS, he’s also a member of Kappa Alpha Order. He went to a private college preparatory academy for four years in South Texas before attending TU.

What is your guilty pleasure movie? "My guilty pleasure movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas! I have seen that movie more than I can recall."


Tonry Roberts

Community Service Specialist

Tonry is an International Business major with a Chinese minor from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He’s also involved in Career Services Work Study. He goes by my middle name "Tonry" and it has been messed up so many times to the point of calling him anything close to that!

What is your favorite travel destination? "My favorite travel destination is China. Such a big sovereign state with so much culture behind it."


Evan Ng

Community service specialist

Evan is a Petroleum Engineering major from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He’s also the Program Chair in NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers).

What is your hobby or interest? "I enjoy juggling!! I went to lots of International juggling competitions and do lots of juggling performances back in my high school! I can't live without my juggling tools!"

department of Environmental Policy


Guilherme Lopes de Almeida


Guilherme is a Petroleum Engineering major from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

What is your favorite travel destination? "I always love traveling to New York. It's such a magical city, with such nice architecture and unique people! I love the atmosphere of the place!"

Selma Sentissi El Idrissi

environmentAL POLICY specialist

Selma is a Management Information System major and a Computer Science minor from Morocco.

What is your favorite travel destination? "I love to travel, my dream is to go to Australia and Brazil."


Afiqah Ayub

environmentAL POLICY Specialist

Afiqah is a Petroleum Engineering major from Malaysia. Besides AIS, she holds a Secretary position for the Malaysian Students Association.

What is your favorite artist/musician/band? "Sleeping with Sirens has been my favorite band for years but sadly I missed their concert last year :( (Definitely going to one in the future though!)"


Sebastian "Seb" Bathe

environmentAL POLICY Specialist

Sebastian, or Seb, is a Graduate Student with an Education major and a double minor in German and Philosophy. He was born in Warstein (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany), but called Siegen (NRW, Germany) his little home town when he lived there for his past studies.

What is your favorite movie? "Ohh, there are so many good films! But my most favorite films of all time (well, I'm still young...) are (in no specific order) Titanic, Forrest Gump, The Tree of Life, Boyhood, Slumdog Millionaire, Youth and Life of Pi. That's a lot, right? But why did I chose them? Those films have a certain truth content, deal with destiny in any way and manner, and - last but not least - have something (personal) in common with the recipient (whatever it may be)."

Department of Innovation & Engineering


Luke Lau


Luke is a Petroleum Engineering major with Chemical Engineering option. He was born in Hong Kong, but moved to California when he was just 3 years old. Besides AIS, Luke has been the Residence Assistant for LaFortune Hall for the past two years and now he’s on his third. He is also an SA Senator serving as the chairman of Senate Financial Allocations Committee.

What is your hobby or interest? "I love cars. Taking pictures of them. Buying Hot Wheels. Just everything about them."


Kevin Reinaldy Riskiawan

Inventory Specialist

Kevin is a Geophysics major from Jakarta, Indonesia who lives in Saudi Arabia. Aside from AIS, he’s also the Secretary for Indonesian Student Association. He really loves playing video games, especially the ones that involve strategy and specific placement. He thinks that it goes well with his position in AIS!

What is your favorite travel destination? "I really love the Japanese culture. Went there last year and was mind-blown by its food, the people, and of course the otaku culture."


Abiram Mohan

Inventory Specialist

Abiram is a Petroleum Engineering major. Even though he’s an Indian, he was born and brought up in Dubai, UAE. Aside from AIS, he’s a Project Member of Engineers Without Borders. 

What is your favorite travel destination? "I have traveled to more than ten European countries and I can tell everyone that Germany was without a doubt my favorite destination. Its beauty, the friendly people and culture, all together made me visit the country three times."


Anirudh Kauta


Anirudh is a Masters student in Computer Science from Bangalore, India. He plays a lot of Video Games! If you have recommendations let him know, it can be a great conversation starter!

What is your favorite artist/musician/band? "Metallica!! Let's get head bangin'!!"

Department of Videography


Abdalla Al-Battashi


Abdalla is a Petroleum Engineering major with a Math minor from Oman. He is also a member of the Omani Students Association.

Where is your favorite travel destination? "Oman."


Mohammed "Meddi" S. Al-Hjari

Associate Videographer

Mohammed, or as we call him Meddi, is a Petroleum Engineering major with a Math minor from Oman. Besides AIS, he’s also the Treasurer for Omani Students Association. He’s very interested on making friendships with all nationalities here in TU.

What is your favorite movie? "My Favorite movie is/are the series Planet of the Apes, cant wait for the 3rd movie and probably the last, (War for the Planet of the Apes, July 2017)."

Department of Communications


Sophia Meneely


Sophia is a double major in Chinese and Russian Studies with a minor in Spanish from Cary, North Carolina. Besides being in AIS, she’s also a member of Delta Gamma and the secretary of Russian Club. She’s pretty good at accents, so the next time you see her around, ask her to do a random accent.

Who is your celebrity crush? "Jeff Goldblum. I liked him in Jurassic Park, loved him in Independence day. LOVE HIM"


Amera Elsayed


Amera is a Biology Pre-Med major with a double minor in Psychology and Spanish from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is also a member of Tri Beta and is in the Honor’s Program. She also volunteers at the children's hospital in Saint Francis. She speaks Arabic, English, and (almost) Spanish. She also loves cats!

What is your favorite artist/musician/band? "Justin Bieber!!!! Been a belieber from the beginning."


Irene Baljak

Social Media Specialist

Irene is a Biology major from Milan, Italy. Although she was born in Milan, she spent one year of high school in St. Louis, Missouri! Back in Italy, she is a certified EMT!

What is your favorite food from home? "Saffron Risotto! Cooked in Chianti for hours, it's Milan's most famous dish."


Lijia Dai

Social Media Specialist

Lijia is an English major with an Art History minor from China. He’s also a member of the Chinese Students Association.

What is your favorite food from home? "Banana."

The 2016-2017 AIS Administration. Photo by Luke Lau.