International Night 2017


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Each year, AIS hosts the International Night; an event where students from every country or region represented in TU performs on stage to show a piece of their history and culture. We have seen students go out of their way to channel their cultural pride into amazing and creative performances. There has been everything from dancing to immersive theatrical productions.

International Night 2017 will be held on Saturday, April 8 at 6pm in the Gussman Hall of Lorton Performance Center.


Choose any icon or famous person from your country or region.

Tell their life story or significant point of their life in the most creative way.

The time limit for the performance is strictly 7 minutes.


Awards will be given to the best three performances. 

Criteria for the awards include but not limited to creativity, innovation, and clarity of story line.

Performance that exceeds 7 minutes may be disqualified for awards.

Talk to us.

In order to make sure everyone brings out their best performance, we require each organization to attend a one-on-one consultation on Friday, March 3 at the ISS meeting room. We hope that by then you will have chosen your icon along with concrete ideas for the performance. To be a part of international night as a performer, please fill in the form below and schedule an appointment.

If you are unable to make it on March 3, please contact Sarah Azami ( to meet on a different day prior to Spring Break.

Once you have your performance detailed finalized, please come back to this website on March 4th to fill the booklet form by Sunday, March 26 at 11:59pm to give us information for the program booklet.

Booklet Form

Name *
Performance Description
If English, leave blank.
Please list the full cast.
technical details
Please describe specific time(s) or stage cues on when you want to specific ligting colors or stobe effects to commence.
Will you need a projector screen on the background? *
Will you have large props? *
Please not if you do not have large props you will use the apron of the stage only, enabling you to use the cinematic large screen instead of the smaller one. If you do have large props, no worries, we have a lot more space for you behind the screen.
You can write as long as you want for this, the more info we know the better.

We Like to be disturbed.

We highly encourage you to talk to us about your performance frequently outside the one-on-one meeting as well. Our officers are happy to help you to ensure that you brought out your best.

Sarah Azami

Phone: (918) 344-9604



Rizka Aprilia

Phone: (907) 301-9395






Rehearsal will be held on the day of the event, Saturday, April 8 in Gussman Hall.  Practice timesheet registration form below will be available later so that you will be able to choose your own time slot.

  • Performers must be present 10 minutes prior to their practice time.
  • Performers must not exceed their allocated practice timeframe in order to maintain the flow of the rehearsal.

Important Dates.

Thursday, March 2  Last day to register and schedule an appointment for one-on-one meeting.**

Friday, March 3    One-one-one meetings at the ISS meeting room.

Sunday, March 26    Last day to submit the booklet form with finalized details of performance.

Wednesday,  April 5    Last day to fill out the timesheet to pick a rehearsal time.*

Saturday,  April 8    International Night 2017.

*Forms and time sheets are on a first-come first-serve basis. The earlier you fill the form the better chance you will have to pick your preferred time.

**Once the quota for performances are filled, AIS may reserve the right to not allow organizations to perform.


The title for last year's International Night was Legends of the Earth. 'Twas the night when legends and folklores from all over the world was told in dance, music, comedy, and immersive theatrical experience. The event was an important moment in AIS history of 42 years—it was the first time we incorporated a theme in International Night. Check out the photos!