Founded in 1974, the Association of International Students (AIS) currently has 487 active members from 71 countries. We provide a variety of programs, activities, and events on a bi-weekly basis to all international students, their families and friends, the TU campus and the Tulsa community at large. Our events are open to the whole campus--we have American students as AIS associate members and coordinators. We aid in facilitating the sharing of diverse cultures and experiences, while introducing American and international students to each other so that everyone can meet people from all those countries he/she always wanted to know more about and make friends for life. Through our various and well-attended activities, academic, pre-professional and professional, social, cultural, sport, community service etc. we hope to help educate the leaders of tomorrow's world today and to create a friendly environment and a support network for all students, while specifically welcoming and assisting international students and their families with their transition period, accommodation into the American culture, adjustment, and acculturation while attending the University of Tulsa (TU). We promote cultural awareness, understanding, recognition, and appreciation of diversity, harmony, amity, and tolerance while fostering camaraderie, friendship, goodwill, benevolence, cordial polemics, cooperation, and collaboration for the benefit of the whole TU campus and the Tulsa community at large. We present, represent, promote, and advocate the interests, ideas, and concerns of all AIS members before the TU administration and we serve as a liaison between administration and the student body.

The 2016/17  AIS-Administration .

The 2016/17 AIS-Administration.